Designer East interiors team understands that to achieve a successful interiors project our work must be more than a skillful arrangement of internal building components. We balance programming and budgetary needs with those of function and aesthetics.

By listening to our clients and guiding them through the design process we are able to produce designs that are a “best fit” to their requirements. We can assist you with

  • Facility planning
  • Space planning
  • Spatial modeling
  • Interior architectural finishes selection
  • Concept and 3D design work
  • Cabinetry work design
  • Furnishings and artwork selections & procurement
  • Contract documentation
  • Project & consultant co-ordination
  • Projects procurement & rollout strategies advice
  • Building or corporate tenancy design guidelines and reviews

Designer East professionals spend more time indoors at their workplace, the places of entertainment or shopping and their home. In today’s competitive and stressful lifestyle a cheerful, comfortable, soothing interiors and modern design concepts are more meaningful than ever.

The creation of innovative and productive interior space designs is at the core of our architectural practice.