Nova Blue Industries

Dubai Industrial City, Dubai, UAE

M/S Nova Blue Industries

Project Scope
Consultancy Service

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Nova Blue industries is a manufacturer of cable management systems. This factory is located in Dubai Industrial City, Dubai. Standing at a stretch of over 40M, the space allows extraordinary aesthetics in contrast to the raw purpose of the vicinity. To emphasize, LED lights along the borderline of this distinctive element has been introduced in the color blue. The façade design is curated with Aluminum cladding and glazed windows while axis design was incorporated which is seen in the perpendicular repetitive lines in the vertical façade as well as the horizontal exterior pavement tiles.

We attempted to think outside the mainstream definitions and restrictions on design aesthetic to develop a concept that accommodated a sense of awe in not only passerby’s but also the staff that use the vicinity on a daily. Upon entering the vicinity, a segregation of semi-private and public zones is reached; behind which the entirety of the factory which acts as a private zone is followed. Unique elements in the design are showcased in an eye-catching feature wall and open to sky skylights placed at multiple locations in the design.


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