Apartment at Armani Residence Burj Khalifa Downtown

Armani Residence, Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

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The main task of the project was to maintain the original space of the main room of the apartment with large windows. We wanted to keep the light and volume of the space as much as possible, so the living room / kitchen gets the central part of the apartment with two windows and the master bedroom with the third larger window.

The interior is a mix of minimalism and classic elements. In the spacious living room, an elegant artificial fireplace is curated into a beautiful partition that holds ornamental display pieces. Wooden elements are used in interior details: bed, shelves, ornaments, doors, furniture, lamps, partitions. A minimalist technical solution was also used in terms of back and overhead LED lights.

Modern details can be found throughout the interior, including display pieces, curved elements, and spherical as well as angular lamps. The color pallet maintain throughout the project is earthy tones inclusive of browns, creams, whites and black.


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