Designer East specializes in planning, designing, developing and operating practices. We combine talented architects, urban designers, interior designers, engineers and project managers with a commitment to creating world-class services for our clients.


The aim of master planning is to utilize each building component as an incremental addition to a larger whole. In other words, each building must satisfy two objectives;

One to accommodate its particular function to advantage and the other as a contributor to an aggregate that is greater than sum of its parts.

Provisions for growth should be those that add to the aggregate and enhance the form of the complex.


The scope of services provided by Designer East is wide in range and depth. These vary between relatively small and simple structures to projects of the greatest size and complexity. The range of types of projects undertaken includes:

  • High-rise Residential Towers
  • Retail facilities
  • Mixed-use Comm/Residential Buildings
  • Education Facilities
  • Single-use Structures
  • Hospitals & Medical Research Facilities
  • Hotels • Shopping Centers • Resorts
  • Institutional & Municipal Facilities
  • Industrial Manufacturing Facilities & Factories


In our view, there is a symbiosis between the architecture of the exterior and that of the interior. The quality of the design is not just from its strong urban exterior, but in the interiors from the light within the building, to the warmth in the meeting rooms and the cast glass wrapped around the atrium’s central staircase.

This is not to equate the two in regard to their contexts, which clearly are different, but to relate them in terms of aesthetic consistency.

Both are in service to greater goal, which is to comprehensively serve the practical and symbolic aims of the building, while catering to very different environmental conditions.


Designer East covers the full range of engineering services required for the building systems integration for a sustainable design. Our services are available for the buildings of small scale to multi-storey skyscrapers. 

Our company is focusing to serve the building sector to meet engineering challenges.

We design buildings for people and consult closely with building architects, developers, owners & users to fully understand the purpose of each building. We create attractive, environmentally responsible, high performance building that are safe, healthy & comfortable for occupants, while being easy to maintain & less costly to run.


Designer East offers a partnership with our client that fosters effective, cost-efficient and innovative project delivery.

Acting as an extension of client staff, the project manager protects the client’s interests in all areas of project implementation from planning and design, through procurement and construction, and into operations and maintenance.

Designer East can assemble a project management organization capable of taking a job from conceptualization through the environmental process and permits, financing and funding, design, procurement, construction, start-up and operations.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is changing how buildings are planned, designed, built, and managed. Designer east BIM services help turn information into insight and deliver business value at every step in the process.

BIM is used to design & document building & infrastructure designs. Every detail of a building is modeled in BIM. The model can be used for analysis to explore design options & to create visualization that help stakeholders understand what the building will look like before it’s build. The model is then used to generate the design documentation for construction.


Our Tender Contract management team provides services in the phase of the procurement cycle in which a contractor delivers the required goods, services or works in accordance with the department’s specification and terms and conditions of contract.

The Department and contractor’s approach to managing their relationship is critically important to ensure successful contract delivery and best value of money for the client.

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