Dubai Nursery School

Al Barsha 2, Dubai, UAE

Knowledge Fund Association & KHDA

Project Scope
Consultancy Services

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This nursery is designed to established high quality indoor facility with attractive interior, catering for children from 3 months to 4 years of age. We have taken the utmost care in every aspect of planning and designing the spaces to provide the best quality within the environment. The building facade has been designed with vibrant color pallet and vertical rhythms to invite the attraction of young ones. A curved walled entrance, playful colors inside and outside the building with rhythmic details accentuate the scale.

Advantage being taken from ground only structure by providing the large skylights in all common areas also the activities have been divided both indoor and outdoor for the students to explore and enjoy. Each classroom flooring and walls have been treated with special attention to made them more attractive for the children.


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