G+1 Residential and Commercial Buildings

Al Awir, Dubai, UAE

Built Up
65,000 sq.ft.

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This building is designed meticulously with a merged usage of commercial and residential. The ground floor comprises of 31 shops that are street faced while the first floor holds 16 apartments of four varying types to provide differentiation and options for inhabitants. The apartments have been designed in a way to assure the complete privacy of the users despite the commercial usage at front.

The apartments are designed with spatial balconies placed on the periphery of the structure; improving on the users experience of the space. The circulation of the design manages to provide a blended balance between commercial and residential spaces. The entirety of the structure is designed using vernacular architecture concepts reflecting the soul heritage of the community which is showcased in its stunning Mashrabia placements, Islamic arched doors and windows and overhead Burjeels. A neutral color pallet is maintained throughout the design in leu of which the façade materials were tastefully chosen.


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