Private Villa at Al Warqa’a

Al Warqa’a, Dubai, UAE

Built Up Area
6,000 sq.ft.

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The villa’s design is influenced by the Islamic architectural style. It invites natural elements with attractive stone-finished façade. The most remarkable feature is its entryway, which boasts a gorgeous Islamic mashrabia built arch that provides an extra special greeting to its residents while also displaying grandeur to passers-by.

The villa’s design is based on a series of slanted walls that help to improve visual linkages between the quadrants of directions. This structure is made of earthy-colored concrete with vertically jointed formwork that interacts with the surrounding trees. The walls’ parallel organization intersects. The façade is tastefully curated with a combination of grey and white textured stone. In regard to its unique angular planning, the view from any standpoint in the vicinity gives a broad and a full perception of the interior space.


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